Joy DuVal

"Photography has always been a huge passion of mine. As a girl I’d go on field trips to D.C or Atlanta, GA with just a disposable camera. I would want to capture the buildings, graffiti and people I was with. I'd love what I captured, but I honestly thought that I wasn’t smart enough to learn how to use a professional camera so I never picked it up. It wasn't until my husband really gave me the courage to try. So Thomas and I bought our first real camera and started our photography journey. I’m not letting fear keep me from my calling. I have captured whimsical and classy pictures that I’m truly proud of. I want to be a role model for my daughter Lily, and I’m blessed that it’s by helping families capture the memories of their lives."



Thomas DuVal

"My love of art started when I was little. I would spend hours in my room filling up sketch pads with fantastical drawings. I later went on to receive my B.S in 2-Dimensional Studio art in 2005. I learned a lot about what makes good art, composition and how to use the skills I have to produce art. This is where I also fell in love with photography when I bought my first digital point and shoot camera. The things I learned about art directly apply to my love and passion for photography. Outside of Photography, I love spending time with my family: my awesome wife Joy, beautiful little baby girl Lily and 3 year old lab/pitt rescue, "Yuki". I also love going to the movies, listening to live music and just being outside and enjoying nature."



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