IKEA and Speed dating


     Joy and I are just coming off of our post-wedding expo high right now. We we’re honored to take part in Richmond Weddings annual January Wedding expo at the Altria theatre in downtown Richmond, VA. The amount of excited brides we spoke too, mixed with the adrenaline rush that was over 1000 brides coming through in 5 hours, was insane. We had been planning our booth setup since last July, when we had the opportunity to go the Richmond Weddings expo as guests to kind of scope out how it worked. We knew we were getting an 8’x8’ booth, so we set to work. IKEA here we come!

altria theatre.jpg

      Along the way, I had the bright idea to build a pallet-wall because…why not? Those things look pretty easy, plus pallets are everywhere! Nope, wrong again. I ended up dismantling an old fence and spending about 6 hours hobbling together a rustic booth backdrop. It turned out great and we got a ton of compliments. I’ll give it another try when we do another show, lol.

We set up partially the day before (included the monstrous pallet wall), so finishing the setup on Sunday was not that bad. There was a scramble towards the end, but it all worked out. We were ready. I turned to Joy and said “What’s our elevator pitch?” Haha! I should know this right? Well, knowing what you do and bring to the table is one thing, but with so many awesome photographers at this event and so many brides, not only is there plenty of room at the table, but you have to find a way to take what makes your special and distill it into a sentence or two...It's a lot harder than it sounds! When the event finally started, the process was a bit like…speed dating? When you’re in aloud, fast-paced environment like a Wedding Expo, you have to make a great first impression. You have your booth, and brides who are interested in the service you are offering, stop by your booth. You have probably less than a minute to set yourself apart from everyone else and form a connection with the person you are talking to. This, repeated dozens of times, was actually quite fun. Throughout that day, as we spoke with more and more brides and connected with each one more, we finally found the heart of our business and that was just as exciting for me as the actual event. In the end, it was a great experience. To be able to present our passion and this business, which we’ve been so hard at building for over a year, to so many people was a bit nerve-racking; but it felt amazing. We learned A TON. Such a great experience and looking forward to working with some excited brides in the future. Thanks for coming, and remember…#dontmissyourmoments.

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