3 Tips to finding your Wedding Photographer

           So you’re getting ready to do some research on a photographer for your wedding, where do you even start? It can be a daunting task, because your wedding photos are one of the only things that last well beyond the actual wedding day. Years later when you’re reminiscing about that day, you’ll be able to pull out your album and relive each and every moment…or will you? It honestly depends. Choosing a photographer for your wedding is an incredibly important and intensely personal choice. There are many things to think about, but here are 3 P’s to consider when choosing your Wedding Photographer.


So here we go...


1.       Personality: Honestly, this is one of the most important qualities of a wedding photographer. Do you get along with them? This is your big day, and you’re going to have a lot of interactions with them throughout the day and the months leading up to it. You’re going to want to make sure you both “click”. A lot of times, Photographers can take some of the stress off your plate and act as a wedding planner/coordinator/photographer all-in-one. I would suggest sitting down with your photographer before a contract is signed, maybe over a cup of coffee, and get to know them. See if you click. This is a really great step you can take that will help bridge that gap.

2.       Portfolio: This is also super important. Basically…do you like how they shoot and do you like what they’ve produced so far? If not, move on. For real. Honestly, photographers spend years honing their specific style, and to ask them to shoot differently will only end badly for both parties. Good photographers can adapt to different scenarios and requests as far as styles, but the foundation of their specific style should still be evident. For instance, Joy and I have a “photo-journalistic style” which means we are more documenting the day unfolding, rather than posed-shot taker. We like documenting the day and capturing those special moments that only last for a second or so, rather than asking people to say “cheese.” We can do that posed photo look, but where we shine is the former. Some people like this, some people don’t. You need to know what type of style you’re looking for when it comes to hiring a photographer or at least have a rough idea. Pinterest is a great tool for this, as there are tons of wedding photos and styles to look at on there. A word of caution, though; be realistic. Just because you see it on Pinterest doesn’t mean your photographer can reproduce to a “T.” Give them room for their artistic vision. You’re about to hire a photographer after doing your research, trust them to deliver your vision.


3.       Price: I put this last for a reason, and it’s not just because we’re photographers. Let’s put it this way: when you’re looking for a house, and you have certain things that are non-negotiables, and you find that one house that fits everything but it’s slightly over budget, you have a decision to make. You can either move on to another house with only 90% of what you were looking for, or you save up a bit and get the house you really want. It’s the same thing with photographers. Yes, you need a budget, but that shouldn’t be the most important factor, especially for weddings. There are plenty of things to think about when it comes to price: does the photographer offer packages? What types of add-ons do they do? Do they offer discounts on other services if they’re bundled with packages? What about albums? Just make sure you do your research and have a rough price in mind when you meet with your potential photographer.


Just to sum it up: make sure you and your photographer are on the same page and click, make sure you shop around for a photographer that catches your eye or has that particular shooting style you like, and always be prepared with a budget in mind (knowing that it might change). Thanks for stopping by!

Thomas DuValComment