Turkey day approacheth!


Wow…where has time gone? Out daughter Lily’s 2nd birthday has come and gone, we’ve photographed several family portrait sessions and two weddings, and welcomed a new bundle of testosterone into our family! DuVal Family Photography is growing in more ways than one!Full transparency…I (Thomas) stink at blogging. I do. Straight up. I’m consistently inconsistent, lol. I knew when I set up this blog that it was going to be hard to keep up with it because of my personality, but moving forward, we will do our best to include you in any updates/going ons at DuVal Family Photography. I just wanted to crawl out of our hole and let everyone know that 1) we are still alive and 2) we still love doing photos.

All that being said, we are super thankful and grateful for those who have allowed us to capture your special moments and participate in each of your family’s journeys. We’ve had the opportunity to take photos of newborns, soon-to-be mom’s, brides and grooms on their special day and so many other friends and new acquaintances. We’re looking forward to hanging out with family this Thanksgiving and Christmas and experience the joy of the holidays. We have some cool things coming next year that we can’t wait to include you in on. We hope you’ll stick around and see what’s in store.

photo courtesy of Hiedie Blanton-Pohl @  Heart of Virginia Doula Services

photo courtesy of Hiedie Blanton-Pohl @ Heart of Virginia Doula Services


As always, #DontMissYourMoments

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